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I decided to sit down today and create a mailing list on my own mail system for mini2440 discussions and help. Feel free to use it or not. I decided to use my own mail system rather than google so that I would have more control of what happens with the list. There might be a few kinks and flaws as we get familiar with the list server again. It's been a few years since I actually set up a mailing list.

To Subscribe send an email to:

Then you'll receive instructions on how to confirm your subscription. And once that is done you'll get your welcome email and you can begin posting to

At any time, if you wish to unsubscribe, you may do so by sending an email to

For more help with our list server, you can send the word HELP in the body of a message to

This is a CommuniGate based list server and not majordomo.

The mailing list is for discussion about both Linux and Windows CE based embedded projects on the mini2440, mini6410 based development boards. You may freely discuss anything relevant to these boards such as hardware or anything that will run on them.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any trouble at all. Also as mentioned in the post from yesterday, the forum is again open for registration on a moderated basis.

Thanks, Bill

Update about forum and blog etc..

For quite some time, I have had the forum registration disabled because of spam. I Have re-enabled registration and I hope that spam bots don't attack again. If they do, I'll be forced to close registrations again for awhile.

The blog remains with comments closed.

Also, I've unsubscribed to the mini2440 google mailing list ran by Buserror due to Buserror's abbrasive attitude towards the members of the list. You can continue to reach me through the contact form on the page or in the forum. At some point soon, I will be creating a mailing list of my own for general embedded development since discussion about non-linux topics are being discouraged on the google mailing list.

I want everyone to know that while I'm not currently developing or using a mini2440 development board, I still will try to help and in the future I may begin again. I've just been very busy with other things. But I'd be happy if everyone would still continue to try and use the forum and post and contribute. I'd love to see this become a thriving embedded community.


Comments Disabled

I've disabled comments because I'd like everyone to use the forum to ask questions. Plus this blog is getting spammed pretty hard and I'm tired of deleting the spam responses. So everyone, PLEASE post your comments in the forum and start contributing and help my community grow for the mini2440. I can't answer all the questions by myself. :)

Thanks, Bill

HOWTO: Cross Compiling the Kernel for The Mini2440

In today's tutorial, I will show you how to cross compile the linux kernel for the mini2440 using patched sources designed to work with the mini2440 hardware. Knowing how to compile your own kernel is a must for embedded programmers.

If you have any questions, please ask in the forum.

HOWTO: Create an empty filesystem image, and populate it with files.

This tutorial falls in to my Linux 101 category for beginners. It shows simply how to create a blank image, format it, mount it, and copy files to it.

Please see the link to my forum below for access to this tutorial as well as many more regarding embedded programming.

HOWTO: Booting from NFS using U-Boot

Booting from and SD card and from NAND can really wear them out quickly especially if you're doing a lot of reading and writing while debugging a filesystem. So I offer this alternative for those of you who want to just play around with different filesystems, or who are working actively to debug a filesystem or who are rapidly developing and need to do a lot of writing and reading. Below you will find a link to my latest HOWTO in the forum showing you just how you can boot your Mini2440 from the network using an NFS Server and a few lines of code in your U-boot variables.

Questions or comments can be left in the forum.

Thanks, Bill

Compiled filesystems available for download

I've baked a few root filesystems with openembedded. They are available for download at the link below. You must be registered on the forum to download them. Please let me know how they work for you. They're completely untested.

HOWTO: Compiling Qt and tslib for the mini2440

If you're interested in compiling Qt 4.6 and tslib for the mini2440, please see the latest howto in the forum.

Thanks, and as usual, please post all feedback in the forum.

HOWTO: Compiling Android for the Mini2440

If you're interested in learning to compile Android for the Mini2440, please see my forum for a quick dirty howto.

Please leave all comments in that form thread.

kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block

Been getting errors mounting your filesystems located on SD cards? Keep reading...

New Forum

I've set up a new forum to compliment this blog. It's getting too hard to follow people's comments here and reply to everyone. I've ported over all the howto's on the side to the forum, and the forum is open to anyone who wishes to post. Please register and leave comments there if you can.

It's very basic and boring but it's just easier for us to have a threaded conversation using a forum than this blog. In the future, I might stop using the blog altogether and switch to the forum. But for now, I'll be posting in both places. PLease provide any feedback you can to its setup. I'm not very good at setting up a forum. ;)

HOWTO: Setting up an ARM toolchain

This howto will show you how to quickly and easily set up an ARM toolchain so that you can use openembedded. You can also use this toolchain to compile the linux kernel or anything else that you specifically want to compile for the mini2440.

Binary Links to U-Boot

Some people have asked for U-Boot Binaries.

This is the binary for U-Boot u-boot-bin.tbz2

And this is the source code used to create the above binary. u-boot-src.tbz2

The source is current as of the date on this post. But I recommend strongly that you use git and get your own fresh copy of the source and that you compile it yourself. I have gotten numerous requests for these links. So here you go.

The code here is completely unmodified by me. It's just a straightforward compile.

I'll try to update this blog entry with updated Binaries and source occasionally for those of you who won't or can't for some reason do any of the stuff for yourselves.

Android on the Mini2440

I recently tried the Android image from ....

HOWTO: Using the USB Cable in Linux

I was curious about how to go about getting the supplied USB cable that came with my Micro2440 to work in Linux. Here's how I did it...

Just an Update

As a "for laughs" experiment, I've been compiling gentoo's Gnome Light ebuild.

HOWTO: Bootstrapping Gentoo on the Mini2440

I've been working on getting Gentoo running on my Micro2440 for the past couple of days. I thought I'd share with you how I got it running.

SD Card Woes

After posting my HOWTO on SD cards, I've ran in to some trouble...

HOWTO: Booting from SD card using U-Boot

Many many people want to know how to boot their Mini2440 or Micro2440 off of an SD card and I'm going to show you how.

HOWTO: Getting Started With OpenEmbedded

This not so small tutorial is designed to give you a starting point for building root filesystems for your Micro2440 and Mini2440 boards using the OpenEmbedded development "kit". I've discussed this some in previous entries on the blog, but I think it's time I show you how to do it for yourself.

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