My name is Bill Sargent. I live near the city of Göteborg in South Western Sweden.

I own and operate Station51 Networks, which houses Station51 Webhosting. I rent servers to companies and individuals who wish to have a presence on the web or need remote storage. I also provide selective personal web space for small web sites.

In my work with servers and websites, I've had the opportunity to work extensively with the Linux operating system under a variety of distributions. I have more than 10 years of experience with setting up, and maintaining Linux servers including the following softwares and technologies:

  • Communigate Unified Communications Server
  • Sendmail SMTP Server
  • BIND DNS Server
  • PowerDNS DNS Server
  • Apache 2 Webserver
  • LigHTTPd Webserver
  • PHP Scripting Language for Webservers
  • Squid Proxy server
  • MySQL Database server

I've worked very little, server side, with Windows machines. I know WIndows as a user and not as an Administrator.

I have worked with PHP for many years doing small web development projects. Before PHP, I was a VisualBASIC programmer before .NET came along and destroyed how VB worked. And before that I was a QuickBASIC programmer for DOS. I created BBS Doors and utilities which were distributed on many Shareware and Freeware CD-ROMs back in the 90s.

I do NOT know C, C++ or anything similar. I can modify code to a certain degree, but a lot of it is out of my range of understanding. I've worked with VisualStudio to some degree and have been able to slightly modify already created projects, but as I said, none of that is within my expertise.

I've spent the last several years learning Audio, Video encoding technologies as well as photographic technologies. I have extensive experience using the following software:

  • VirtualDub
  • Adobe Soundbooth
  • Adobe Audition
  • Sony Vegas
  • AVISynth
  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4

Recently I've gotten in to embedded operating systems, which is why this blog exists.