My tutorial explains how to partition, format, and deploy a filesystem to the SD card along with a kernel and even a small Swap space. The problem is, that I either have a band memory card or a cheap one, or the filesystem is not good enough for working with SD.

I've read a lot of things on the net about whats best in regards to what filesystem to use on an SD, and people seem to agree that ext2 is better than ext3. The journaling of ext3 is more harsh on the SD than that of ext2.

But here in lies a problem.... you see I've tried both. My memory stick gives me a lot of IO buffer errors while writing to the card when I untar a filesystem. I hadn't noticed it originally, because the errors were on the console and in the kernel log. Tar gave me no errors. The result was the ext2 or ext3 filesystem becoming damaged and when repaired, a lot of files and directories were missing including bin, and dev.

My current SD card is a Transcend SDHC Class 6 8GB card. I've known other people who have had regular problems with these just using Windows. So I'm guessing, but not positive, that the NAND used in these is pretty cheap. I have another 8GB SD card here with no label on it, I will probably give it a try later today.

My plan to use SD stems from me wanting to explore more porting of applications which is impossible to do on the tiny amount of NAND on board my Micro2440. 128 just isnt enough to fully explore the potential. It's fine for an already tested filesystem that you've pruned down to fit there... but during my testing phase, I want to have more tools and things at my disposal. Plus I might just in the end want a larger distro on it. These ARM processors are work horses. And they put off little heat and use very little power. It's ideal for small scale in house stuff such as a tiny mail server for an office of 10 or something, or for a print server. While it might be a bit slow, I personally think it can handle quite a bit more than just showing pretty graphics on the 7" display.

I'll keep everyone informed on my SD card project. Assuming I can get this working well, my next project is getting a bootstrap of Gentoo working. Stay Tuned!


It seems the card has strange geometry. Fdisk kept warning me about the number of cylinders etc... and I ignored it. I tried my other SD card and it gave no such warnings and worked flawlessly.