It's on it's 10th day of compiling with 2 packages remaining. This included compiling Xorg as well. I was more or less just curious what kind of speed the device had while compiling and well I've found out. I'm doing this all on an SD card with Gentoo. I don't recommend anyone try this. It'll take a lot of life out of your SD card but I had one I didn't mind using.

It's VERY VERY slow.

I was going to attempt to set up distcc and have all of this compile on a remote system but I couldn't get any toolchain to work with the one in gentoo cross platform. I will probably pick that up again later when my nerves aren't so fried. Spending way too much time lately looking at this.

I was disappointed to read that there is no real decent ARM support for the armv4t for OpenSuse. That was going to be my next attempt since I'm a big opensuse fan. I love YaST.

I've also been working with QEMU but I wasn't able to get it working as I wanted. As with most things in Linux, it seems overly complicated. I don't like the fact that you can't natively mount a QEMU image directly from the command prompt without doing all kinds of things. A few years ago I worked with creating Xen virtual machines for my company, and it was very nice being able to directly treat the virtual HD as a regular device. Partition it, format it and mount it on a loop device without any problems. I suppose that is the kind of thing I wanted with QEMU. Maybe I'm just missing something. I've looked over some of the documentation to QEMU and I might have just missed something. <-- look Doug, I read the manual ;) (I hate it when people assume I've not read the manual because I haven't memorized every stupid thing). I'll dig more in to it later. It is my goal to have an emulated development platform that is extremely fast on my dual core laptop rather than cross compiling things. I want the full filesystem.

Well I basically just wanted to update everyone who might be following my progress and to let everyone know that I've not stopped. But I might need a break soon. Please be sure to check back often and also read my other posts and let me know if I've missed something!