I erased u-boot from the flash and installed supervivi-128 bootloader back on the board, and I uploaded the Android image and kernel. I don't know exactly how they compiled it or what they are thinking but I found it completely unusable.

As many of you know, I have the Micro2440 board with a 7 inch touch display. The Android image from developmentboard.net came with a kernel for the 7 inch display as well as the 3.5.

I assumed it would work pretty well. I don't think Android is a power hungry CPU intense OS, but when I booted it on the dev board, it was completely unusable. It was so slow that it would take almost 5 minutes before it would register that you tapped the screen.

I saw videos of Android running smoothly on a Mini2440 on youtube, and so I don't know exactly what someone did to the image on developmentbaord.net, but it doesn't work as it should. At least it didn't for me. If someone else has some better ideas or something, I'm open to suggestion.

My guess was that the NAND is just too slow on these boards and it was busy accessing it all the time. It's either that or the fact that the system doesn't have much RAM.

I've been considering Compiling Android myself from the mini2440 port, but I'm not sure that's usable yet. I was able to compile the full android source from the Android site but I don't think that will run on the board. Also, a filesystem would need to be assembled and I don't have a working knowledge yet of how Androids filesystem should look.

If someone out there has some really good detailed instructions for this, I'd really like to hear about it. Putting Android on the board would be a great start at making a really good embedded device. I think it looks better than most of the other OSes for embedded development.

UPDATE: Apr 9, 2010: Look at this link http://mini2440.spaceopera.org/site/developmentenviroment/stepbystep/index.html .. This guy shows how to get the Android image from Developmentboard.net to work from an SD card. And according to him, it's not slow at all. So there must be something else at play on my system when I attempt to run android on it. Please keep checking this guy's site. Looks promising if you're in to learning about android.