For quite some time, I have had the forum registration disabled because of spam. I Have re-enabled registration and I hope that spam bots don't attack again. If they do, I'll be forced to close registrations again for awhile.

The blog remains with comments closed.

Also, I've unsubscribed to the mini2440 google mailing list ran by Buserror due to Buserror's abbrasive attitude towards the members of the list. You can continue to reach me through the contact form on the page or in the forum. At some point soon, I will be creating a mailing list of my own for general embedded development since discussion about non-linux topics are being discouraged on the google mailing list.

I want everyone to know that while I'm not currently developing or using a mini2440 development board, I still will try to help and in the future I may begin again. I've just been very busy with other things. But I'd be happy if everyone would still continue to try and use the forum and post and contribute. I'd love to see this become a thriving embedded community.