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I've disabled comments because I'd like everyone to use the forum to ask questions. Plus this blog is getting spammed pretty hard and I'm tired of deleting the spam responses. So everyone, PLEASE post your comments in the forum and start contributing and help my community grow for the mini2440. I can't answer all the questions by myself. :)

Thanks, Bill

HOWTO: Booting from NFS using U-Boot

Booting from and SD card and from NAND can really wear them out quickly especially if you're doing a lot of reading and writing while debugging a filesystem. So I offer this alternative for those of you who want to just play around with different filesystems, or who are working actively to debug a filesystem or who are rapidly developing and need to do a lot of writing and reading. Below you will find a link to my latest HOWTO in the forum showing you just how you can boot your Mini2440 from the network using an NFS Server and a few lines of code in your U-boot variables.

Questions or comments can be left in the forum.

Thanks, Bill