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HOWTO: Bootstrapping Gentoo on the Mini2440

I've been working on getting Gentoo running on my Micro2440 for the past couple of days. I thought I'd share with you how I got it running.

HOWTO: Booting from SD card using U-Boot

Many many people want to know how to boot their Mini2440 or Micro2440 off of an SD card and I'm going to show you how.

HOWTO: Getting Started With OpenEmbedded

This not so small tutorial is designed to give you a starting point for building root filesystems for your Micro2440 and Mini2440 boards using the OpenEmbedded development "kit". I've discussed this some in previous entries on the blog, but I think it's time I show you how to do it for yourself.

Finally Getting Somewhere with OE and U-Boot

After what seems like forever, trying to resolve a problem getting consistently working images and kernels, I've finally figured out the problem.

HOWTO: Compiling and Flashing U-Boot onto Mini2440

The bootloader that comes factory installed on the Micro2440 and the Mini2440 board is called Supervivi. I don't personally like it. It has very limited support and requires a YAFFS filesystem for the root filesystem. So when I bought my board I began to immediately search out an alternative. The bootloader by choice, it seems, is a modified version of U-Boot with modifications for the Mini2440 board's hardware