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HOWTO: Booting from NFS using U-Boot

Booting from and SD card and from NAND can really wear them out quickly especially if you're doing a lot of reading and writing while debugging a filesystem. So I offer this alternative for those of you who want to just play around with different filesystems, or who are working actively to debug a filesystem or who are rapidly developing and need to do a lot of writing and reading. Below you will find a link to my latest HOWTO in the forum showing you just how you can boot your Mini2440 from the network using an NFS Server and a few lines of code in your U-boot variables.


Questions or comments can be left in the forum.

Thanks, Bill

kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block

Been getting errors mounting your filesystems located on SD cards? Keep reading...

Binary Links to U-Boot

Some people have asked for U-Boot Binaries.

This is the binary for U-Boot u-boot-bin.tbz2

And this is the source code used to create the above binary. u-boot-src.tbz2

The source is current as of the date on this post. But I recommend strongly that you use git and get your own fresh copy of the source and that you compile it yourself. I have gotten numerous requests for these links. So here you go.

The code here is completely unmodified by me. It's just a straightforward compile.

I'll try to update this blog entry with updated Binaries and source occasionally for those of you who won't or can't for some reason do any of the stuff for yourselves.